Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Random Recipes #36–New year, New book

Can you believe that I didn't get any cookbook at Christmas? well, e neither. I think it’s the 1st time in million years. I did get a decorating book but it doesn't really count. I’ve got a new book since Christmas though: Boyfriend got me My little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo to celebrate my 7 years in England :)
Before receiving this lovely book though, I’d already been “assigned” my random recipe. It is from a little book I got for my birthday (it was in November so it’s still fairly new) from my friends: 200 mini cakes & bakes. I opened the book at a random page and I was very pleased to have fallen on “Real Chocolate Brownies”.
200 cakes & bakes
I LOVE brownies but I already have my favourite recipe, which is from Joy of Baking. It’s a very easy recipe and it’s always delicious. I was therefore curious to see how this one would turn up.
I made it 1st the day after I picked the recipe as I was meeting my friends who got me the book. My lovely friends got me a little Baking package for my birthday, with this boo, cupcakes cases, little tins…
I followed the recipe and cooked it for the time stated in the book but even though my cake tester came out clear, when I cut the brownies in little squares, it was under cooked. I know brownies should be gooey but this was too much.
I then popped them back in the oven for a while. Unfortunately I had a train to catch and wasn’t able to take them with me.
I ate some later though and they were delicious. I may have put too much coffee in them though as they stopped me from sleeping…no joke!
Brownies1 (Copy)
I made my 2nd batch the other day (without coffee). I cooked them a bit longer and they turned out ok. Not as good as my Joy of Baking recipe though.
Brownies (Copy)
I’m entering these Chocolate brownies into this month Random Recipes challenge “New year, new book” hosted by Dom from Belleau Kitchen


  1. perfect brownies are a great thing to have in the repertoire and these look exceptionally good... love the styling too with the milk bottle and straw... thanks so much for entering random recipes this month, it's a lovely entry x


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