Sunday, 17 November 2013

Comfort Food – Pasta

Comfort Food Challenge
Once again, I’ve had a long blogging break. I love blogging but sometimes, I just cant find the time to bake or I just cook the same not very interesting food or when I do something nice, I just don't have time to blog about it.
I recently saw on Twitter that Jo from Comfort Bites had come up with a very interesting challenge: Comfort Food. And this month’s theme is Pasta.
I love pasta. I could eat pasta every day, it wouldn’t bother me. And when I read her post, I knew straight away what I was going to make.
My dish doesn't have any name and it is the most simple thing you could ever make. What’s so special about it is that it takes me back to my childhood and when my Grandma (my Dad's Mum) was looking after my sister and I on Wednesdays.
I’m not sure if it’s still the case now but when I was little (and living in France), we didn't have school on Wednesdays. Instead, we had longer hours and went to school on Saturday mornings.
So, on Wednesdays, we were at my Grandma. I don't remember her being a great cook to be honest but she used the most simple ingredients/foods to make great stuff.
So, for my pasta dish you’ll need pastas – she used to use Lumache pasta but I literally only saw them in a shop for the 1st time yesterday and I went crazy! so as I didn't have Lumache, I used spaghetti but you can use anything you want. You also need some nice ham and boiled eggs. That’s pretty much it. Extremely simple!
What makes this dish though is the tomato sauce you add to it. This is very simple too but I love it.
First, we need to make a roux so in a small pan, melt some butter (if you let it burn a little bit, it gives a slight nutty taste to it).
Once melted, add some flour (ideally, you need the same quantity of butter & flour) but I never measure my ingredients for this sauce) and mix well.
Then, add some tomato purée. Again, I don’t measure it so just add enough for the paste to be pink-ish. Then, add some water from the pastas and mix until you get enough sauce but it’s not too liquid (we don't want soup!) Taste it and maybe add a tiny bit of sugar.
Once the sauce is at a nice consistency, add it on top of your pasta and voila!
My perfect comfort food! It’s so comforting that I even made it twice this week. My Boyfriend was on holiday with his friends so I only had myself to cook for. It’s a quick dinner, perfect to eat in front of the TV. And if you’ve got too much sauce leftover, just finish it with a piece of baguette ;)
Comfort Food - Pasta


  1. Very easy recipe! I will try to do it by this weekend for my kids.

  2. Thanks for entering November's pasta challenge, Helene - loved how the dish reminds you of your grandmother. Will try it soon!

  3. This dish looks yummy, thanks for the idea! Would love for you to see my blog too Thanks!


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