Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mini Chocolate & Coffee Cupcakes

Welcome for Day 2 of Cupcake week.
Cupcake week 2013
I didn't use to like the chocolate & coffee combo. I could drink coffee and eat cake but coffee cakes were never a favourite of mine.
Last summer though, when we were in Brittany visiting my family, we went to visit a little chocolate factory: Chatillon Chocolatier. After the visit, you obviously had to go through the shop and could taste lots of samples…paradise.
There, I tasted a little coffee flavoured chocolate in the shape of a coffee bean and it was a revelation. I was sold to the taste of chocolate and coffee together.
For today’s cupcake, I made a simple chocolate batter, in which I added an espresso. However, despite the coffee being quite strong, the coffee taste is not as prominent as I was expected. It has though enhanced the chocolate taste.
I topped the cake with some chocolate buttercream and added the cherry on the cake or more precisely, a coffee flavoured bean on top of each cake.
Choc&coffee4 (Copy)
Aren’t they pretty? They are delicious too!

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