Thursday, 25 August 2011

Things I love Thursday



As I'm now getting back into blogging, I've decided to jump on the TILT bandwagon.

So, what do I love this week then?

  • Great British Bake Off

This is my new favourite program. I absolutely love it! I've watched the 2 episodes and every time it makes me want to bake.

My favourite contestant so far is Holly Bell. I've liked everything she’s made apart from her green quiche. My least favourite contestant is Rob. He annoys me so much. I don't know why he is still there. He cant manage his time and his cakes always finish with a disaster.

Remember, Great British Bake Off is on Tuesdays @ 8pm on BBC2

  • Snickerdoodles

You know what they are don’t you? I’m just asking as the other day on Twitter, I mentioned I’d baked them and I got a reply from Delicious magazine, asking what it was.

Well, Snickerdoodles are cinnamon coated sugar cookies. I made a batch to sell at work on monday and they were gone in no time. People loved them and I was asked a few times for the recipe. I followed the recipe I found on Joy of Baking and it was just perfect. I think these little snickerdoodles are my new favourite biscuits.

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