Monday, 14 February 2011

Seduced by Chocolate

A while ago, Sarah posted the theme for the 2nd round of the Forever Nigella Challenge. The theme was Seduced by Chocolate.


And I can tell you as soon as I read it, I exactly knew what I was gonna make…

028 [640x480]

Nigella’s Devil’s Food Cake! from her book Kitchen.

This cake screams CHOCOLATE!!!! And what’s the best time of the year to be Seduced by Chocolate???? Valentines day of course!

There was no doubt. This cake was what the dessert I was gonna make my lovely Boyfriend.

So yesterday (Sunday), I made the cake and today (Monday), I made the frosting.

Day 1: The cake

As usual, I prepared my ingredients. I only swapped the muscovado sugar for light brown sugar. Don't think it made a huge difference.

Also, I halved the recipe as I was making it for just the 2 of us.

Nigella recommends to use a high quality cocoa powder. I only had the Asda one and it was actually really good ;)

027 [640x480] 

I followed the recipe and instead of pouring the cake in 2 tins, I poured it in a thin rectangular pan. You’ll see why later ;)

029 [640x480]

Hop, in the oven for about 20 mins.

 033 [640x480]

And my new cake tester confirmed the cake was perfectly cooked.

 035 [640x480]

That’s it for day 1. Now you just have to leave the cake and try not to eat it. Not even a little piece of it.

I really found this cake easy to make. The only thing I would make different next time (because Yes, there will be a next time) is when mixing the chocolatey batter to the white batter, I think I will do it little by little.

Yesterday, I poured the chocolate mix all at once and it was a bit difficult to get it all incorporated so I ended up with some little white spots in my cake. Never mind, it still tasted really good.

Day 2: The sauce…or frosting. Whatever you want to call it ;)

Let me tell you, this is the most fantastic chocolate sauce I've ever made/eaten. It is not the lightest sauce in the world but It will be worst the weight I put on by drinking eating it ;)

 037 [640x480]

Once the sauce is made, you have to wait for it to chill and become less runny (sorry, I don't know the exact word).

So while you’re waiting, just prepare your cake.

A while ago, I watched a video on Youtube showing a lady making Valentines brownies so I decided to do the same with this cake.

I used my lovely cookie cutter – heart shaped of course – and cut my rectangle cake. See now why I made a thin rectangle cake????

 039 [640x480]

Isn't that lovely???? And I used the plates my parents got me for Christmas. I'm sure you’ve guessed it’s written “Dessert of the day” ;)

So, out of my thin rectangle cake, I made 6 heart shaped cakes. You know what I'm gonna do next. Don't you????

 041 [640x480]

Isn't that cute????

 042 [640x480]

Once my 3 layers were stuck together, it was time to cover it all.

This is my heart, just for you…

 043 [640x480]

And because we are better together…

045 [640x480]

Happy Valentines



  1. That looks cute and delicious!

  2. Awww, they look so cute. I hope you both enjoyed them!

  3. A perfect choice for a wicked Valentine's cake. And even better to have two of them! Thanks for joining in with Forever Nigella!

  4. Hi it's Carol from love your blog - very dangerous though cos I a completely addicted to cake. Those look amazing mmmmm!

  5. What a lovely twist to just your everyday chocolate cake, really like that you were creative with it but didn't overdo it with all the fancy stuff. I could just gobble this down!


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