Friday, 25 February 2011

The Hairy Bikers

Last week, I was craving Breakfast Muffins! I wanted some…I really wanted some. I knew what I wanted: banana & blueberry muffins. They had to be healthy and easy to make as I didn't have any fancy ingredient in stock (aka buttermilk – do you find it difficult to find buttermilk??? I do!)
So I went through to my cookbooks in quest of the recipe but unfortunately didn't find the one.
Can you imagine that amongst my million cookbooks, there was no recipes I was inspired by???? crazy!
Then, I switched to my other cookbook, aka Internet and finally found the recipe I was after: Cinnamon, Banana and Blueberry Muffins, by The Hairy Bikers.
I'm sure you know The Hairy Bikers. Well, I don't…I didn't. I’d heard their name before but didn't know who they were. Weird? Well remember I'm French.
Anyway, I followed their recipe. Didn't change much, just added more bluebs (200g instead of 150g) and used 100g wholemeal flour + 150g plain flour instead of the 250g plain flour.
Also, after watching Baking Made Easy, I got the idea of sprinkling my muffins with the bran of the flour.
Sprinkled muffin
The recipe says we can make 8 muffins but I made 11 of them!
11 muffins
Usually when I follow a recipe, I get less that what it says so I was pleased to get more this time ;)
So hop in the oven and 20 mins later, I had 11 beautiful healthy muffins!
Muffins out of the oven
I let them cool down and then couldn't resist and ate one.
This was a mistake! I should have waited. As they were still warm, they stuck to the muffin case :( Despite my muffin being “broken”, it still tasted delicious.
Once they were completely cool, I put some in the freezer – which is actually a good idea as it avoids me eating them all at once ;)
I also had one the next day at work and this once was actually perfect. As it was completely cool, it didn't stick at all on the muffin case!
So, this was last week! This morning, I had another one (one I froze – you follow me?) and again, it was perfect! I was a bit worried as I've never put a cake in the freezer but it was as good as the 1st day…well the 2nd to be correct. This recipe is a winner!
Ok, back to The Hairy Bikers. Last night, I was watching TV and came across their program. Good timing for me to find out more about them. What did I think??? Well, to be honest, I find them a bit irritating :s I didn't really enjoy their program. Especially the bit where they were in a middle of a field, pretending they were in a house ?!?! Also, I found them quite difficult to understand.
Anyway, their Cinnamon, Banana and Blueberry Muffin recipe was really good! That’s all that matters to me ;)
Banana & Blueberries Muffin

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  1. I just made these and they were AWFUL! The recipe was hopeless and I think this is my first and last time using a Hairy Bikers recipe. Too much baking powder, not enough sweetness and the cooking times and temps were way off. Absolute rubbish.


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