Monday, 3 January 2011

I need a break

…a break from eating! I love Christmas holiday but I think it’s about time to go back to a healthier routine.

Today was Bank Holiday and the last day of my Christmas break so tonight, I must not forget to set my alarm to go back to work.

Today’s been quite relaxing. I got up fairly early. Boyfriend and I went to look at some stuff for the flat and then we went to the gym.

We didn't stay that long but it was still good. I only did 15 mins on the elliptical, some arm exercises and a bit of sauna and jacuzzi.

I also picked up the new class timetable! Haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I need to study it tonight ;)

Then, we got back home and prepared dinner and our lunches for tomorrow. I'm having a sandwich made of lettuce, chicken, red pepper and mayo + carrot sticks + mini babybel light and a yogurt.

Dinner tonight was one of my favourite. If you’re new to I cook with butter. I mean if you were not following me on Happy @ Thirty, let me introduce you to…Pork + Ratatouille + Couscous (I also add onions to it)

013 [640x480]

Here is my ratatouille, straight from France ;)

005 [640x480]

And the couscous (we call it semoule in French). For 2 people, i use about 1 cup of it.

011 [640x480]

Even though this is one of my favourite meal, I wasn't very happy eating it tonight. I felt tired eating :( My body is just screaming at me “give me some healthy food”. I can particularly see the effects on my skin :(

I weighed myself yesterday and I'm now 63.5 Kg, which is about 10 stone. I use Kg as that’s what we do in France and I don't find talking in stone really precise.

I know I said I wouldn't be tracking my weight but in order to reach my feel great weight, I need to track it  little bit…

Ok, so I’m gonna leave you now. I still have a bit of tidy up to do before going to bed ; I need to keep looking at my recipe books for my Cookbook Challenge (which is actually more difficult than what I thought) and then, I want to go to bed and read on my Kindle.

Good luck to everyone going back to work tomorrow ;)

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